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Identifying tools to make your press release highly effective. Whether announcing a product introduction, acquainting others with the latest happenings in your company, or spreading the word about something else of importance, it’s no secret that sending out press releases is the way to go. What some find perplexing; however, is what to put in […]
Press release writing ideas outlined for those who’ve been hit with a case of writer’s block. Even the most creative writers are sometimes faced with the dilemma of not knowing what to write about. When it comes to press release writing for business, the challenge of figuring out what will best resonate with a particular […]
SubmitPressRelease123.com discusses the reasons many companies are not getting traction for their press releases on social media. Press release writing for business in a social media age can be tricky. In trying to write releases that are newsworthy and void of marketing speak, many misstep in trying to connect with their target audience on social […]