discusses the reasons many companies are not getting traction for their press releases on social media. Press release writing for business in a social media age can be tricky. In trying to write releases that are newsworthy and void of marketing speak, many misstep in trying to connect with their target audience on social […] outlines why there’s no such thing as too many press releases. Press releases are an excellent tool for disseminating information about a company, product, service, or idea. The ultimate goal for any release is to catch the attention of journalists and others who may pick it up and further spread the word about the […]
What was previously reserved for only exclusively selected “influencers,” is now being made available to all users of LinkedIn. This publishing platform allows users to create and publish blog-style updates to their respective networks. These posts have been known to generate a ton of engagement, as well as conversations, which has encouraged LinkedIn to capitalize […]
Google+, with its 300 million active monthly users (, is still not at par with pioneering social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook when it comes to popularity. But, if you look at it closely, you would actually find hidden gems ordinary people don’t normally see. Google+ is jam-packed with apps that were created with […]
Top Things You Need to Know about Facebook News Feed Algorithm ust over a week ago, Facebook had announced that there is a recent tweak in their news feed algorithm ( that can affect how your page’s posts can reach your followers and potential audiences. They noticed that text updates from pages have continued to […] answers the tough question for those skeptical about PR writing in the social media age. In an age where social media seems to reign as marketing king, a number of business professionals share the same sentiment about press release writing and distribution. One big question that comes to mind for many is “who writes […]