15 Ways to Create Personal Touches in Your Marketing for Those Who are on Beer Budget & Champagne Taste

15 Ways to Create Personal Touches in Your Marketing for Those Who are on Beer Budget & Champagne Taste

With marketing, there is so much you can do, but what is going to make you stand out as a business and a brand? You want to leave an impression on your customers and make them want to return to you as soon as possible. And bring people with them!

Yes, personal touches take time. But that’s the point. People notice when businesses take the time to reach out to them, get in touch, respond. And they share those stories with their friends and family and on social media. You want to be known for being trustworthy and reliable, relatable and friendly. 

  1. Write handwritten notes to your customers
  2. Or at least sign the card!
  3. Give away freebies
  4. Randomly and on a calendar schedule
  5. Make your customers a custom product
  6. At least offer customizations, even if not every customer will want them
  7. Give them something for their birthday, even if it’s just a note or email
  8. Send out coupons
  9. Create a loyalty program
  10. Make thank you packages
  11. Maybe at a certain point of sales or communication, you reward your customers.
  12. Give rewards for referrals
  13. You want people to want to share about you.
  14. Respond to people quickly
  15. People do notice timing.
  16. Send holiday cards
  17. These don’t have to be in the “holiday season.” Just pick your favorite and go with it!
  18. Respond to each comment
  19. Use your customer’s names
  20. Make sure you have photos/videos of your company; let people get to know you
  21. Interesting bios and interviews will help customers feel connected to the company
  22. Interact on social media; ask questions and respond
  23. Give shout outs through twitter

Any other ideas? Please share!

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