Free Online PR Services Offered for Businesses That Support “Mission of Hope”

Submit Press Release 123 is offering free press release distribution for companies that make a minimum $50 donation to support an upcoming “Mission of Hope” effort.

Dallas, Texas – Online press release distribution company Submit Press Release 123 recently enacted a campaign to help raise funds for a mission trip sponsored by Livingway Church to support the Mission of Hope organization. The company is currently offering free services for businesses that make a donation of a minimum of $50 or more to support the organization’s effort to help orphans in Haiti who have been left without homes or economic resources.

About Livingway Church and Mission of Hope

Livingway Church is a faith based, nonprofit entity that provides weekly services to parishioners in Garland, Texas in addition to volunteer support for charitable initiatives. Mission of hope develops and organizations projects designed to help provide access to health, education, food, and other resources to the impoverished people of Haiti. With the assistance of partnerships, the organization helps feed an estimated 54,000 people in the country daily. The upcoming mission trip is one of several volunteer opportunities presented by the organization throughout the year.

To learn more about Livingway Church, individuals can visit the organization online. More information about Mission of Hope can be found by visiting

Helping Rebuild the Homes and Lives of People in Haiti

Haiti faces a number of economic challenges that have left many in desperate need of support for rebuilding their lives. These challenges include unemployment, poor education, and scarce access to food for many impoverished persons there. Limited market activity is stated to be a major contributing factor of these issues.

According to a recent report from the United Nations, Haiti ranks in the top three countries globally with the worst food deficit per capita. Livingway Church also notes on its online fundraising page that the U.N. report shows that only one in 10,000 people in the country have access to a physician.

Livingway Church is seeking support for meeting its fundraising goal to join the Mission of Hope organization on its trip to Haiti from July 29 to August 5. The nonprofit has designated a fundraising goal of $27,000 for the trip, which will assist the Livingway Church Haiti Mission Team with providing access to food, education, medicine, and shelter for thousands of Haitians in need.

For a limited time, those who make a donation to the campaign in the amount of $50 or more and show proof of their donation are eligible to receive a free press release from Submit Press Release 123 and have the opportunity to feature their important press announcements in several major media outlets.

For more information about how to contribute the Livingway Church cause, please visit their Haiti Mission Trip donation site.

About Submit Press Release 123

Submit Press Release 123 is a Dallas based company that provides digital marketing services for those seeking to increase their visibility online. With more than 15,000 registered users, the company offers a variety of packages designed for small to mid-sized businesses in particular that want cost effective solutions for capturing more leads from web traffic.

The limited time free press release offer is part of Submit Press Release 123’s effort to support important causes that further the economic development of communities on a local, national, and global scale. In addition to helping people in Haiti overcome economic challenges, the offer provides an opportunity for local businesses to cost-effectively promote their brand.

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