Going Green with Online Press Release Distribution

Lyn Giguere

Don’t just be eco-friendly on Earth Day! Use online press releases year-round and save a tree or two

Distributing press releases online is the best way to go green with your marketing efforts. This form of news distribution does not eat up paper like its print counterpart, thus saving the environment one tree at a time. Utilizing online press release distribution is an incredibly simple, hassle-free step towards going green. Your clients and the environment will thank you!

Eco-friendly and conscious companies have been using online press release distribution companies for years, and the mark this can have on the earth is truly extraordinary. Most experts advise sending out one press release per week, and each press release runs about one page. Think about how much paper it would take to print that news and mail it to each customer, or publish the news in local papers. While the exact amount of paper wasted remains unknown, switching to online press release distribution can save as much as a tree (or two) each year.

SubmitPressRelease123.com is a simply affordable option for online press release creation and distribution. Reaching most major online news networks like Google and social sites such as Twitter and Facebook, Submit gets news seen and provides easily sharable links.  

‘Green’ companies will be happy to know that in honor of Earth Day, SubmitPressRelease123.com’s editor Lyn Giguere will personally plant one tree for every press release purchased from the site on April 22nd. This means you will not only be reducing paper waste, but actively contributing to a cleaner, greener environment at the same time.

Happy Earth Day from Submit Press Release 123!

Qamar Zaman

About Qamar Zaman

Qamar Zaman is the Founder & CEO of Submit My Press Release, an exciting young press release distribution technology start up. Qamar Zaman is building innovative press release and social media products that help small business achieve Google Rankings through their news.