Are Your Press Releases Leaving Readers Asking Where’s the Beef?

Clearly communicating the message of a press release is important for ensuring that it gets the attention it deserves, says the team.

Where’s the beef? became a popular catchphrase in the U.S. after fast food chain Wendy’s originated it as an advertising slogan in the 1980s. Although it was meant to drive home the burger restaurant’s message that it had the kind of meat hungry customers really wanted, it had enough of an impact to represent any circumstance under which the question of “where’s the substance” (or lack thereof) becomes necessary. Press release writing is no exception.

Press releases, no matter their nature have a shared goal: releasing information to the press. The commonality makes some assume that by simply sending out an instrument marked “press release” journalists and others will flock to it and help it fulfill it’s mandate. It should go without saying that this just does not happen.

Press releases must be written with substance, and not the kind that readers will have to search to find. The connection between a press release and journalist, blogger, or end user has no time to evolve in today’s busy, technology driven, need it now kind of world. The spark must be instant, or there will be no fireworks after.

In making sure your press release has the “beef” it needs to be effective and sustainable for your marketing efforts, make sure you answer the questions of who, what, where, when, why and how very clearly, and very early on. After you’ve sold your audience on a captivating headline, what will keep their attention (even if only for a moment) is what is written in the first few lines that follow. Bloggers and journalists lack the time or patience to read fluff pieces that serve no purpose for them; therefore it is important to make sure the message of a press release is clear so that readers know quickly whether it has something they need (or find valuable enough to share with others). has writing services for companies and others who need compelling press releases to make an important announcement. For more information about writing and press release distribution services from Submit, visit

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