Press Releases and Social Media: The Ideal Online Match? outlines how social media can help generate buzz for one’s press release.

Some have stated that press releases seldom see success with social media audiences. These people are what some clever online marketers would call “wrong.” Social media and press releases are a near perfect match in the realm of online promotion, as long as the right criteria are met. There are; however, deal breakers that can decrease one’s chances of making the right impression for their first encounter with a chosen social media audience base in submitting PR content. These include:

  • The use of shameless promotion
  • Leaving out why a release is of value to the end user
  • Failing to target a specific audience

Even when the aforementioned are not included, making the press release/social media connection work takes more than simply putting pen to paper. Taking the time to assess why a release matters to a select target audience, identifying what makes it newsworthy, and choosing who will it best be received by together form the cupid’s arrow of target marketing in this arena.

Press releases submitted through online channels such as should be optimized to win the attention of three types of readers. Journalists, search engines, and social networks must all be considered when disseminating press releases online today. The popularity of social networks like Facebook and Twitter when it comes to getting the word out about one’s release is incomparable to other mediums. The fact is everyone is engaging on some form of social media today, and not taking advantage of the opportunity to join in conversations would behoove online marketers, small businesses, corporations, nonprofit organizations or anyone with something important to say through their press release. has social media optimization services available in its list of press release distribution packages. Register for a free account today to learn more.

Qamar Zaman

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Qamar Zaman is the Founder & CEO of Submit My Press Release, an exciting young press release distribution technology start up. Qamar Zaman is building innovative press release and social media products that help small business achieve Google Rankings through their news.