Why All Brands Should Use Pinterest for Marketing

Consumers love images and they love seeing images on the Internet.

This is the major reason Pinterest draws so many users each month and makes a great inbound marketing tool. If you have yet to see the advantages offered by Pinterest, consider this…

Pinterest can help your brand to:
• Increase your brand awareness
• Reach new customers
• Drive more sales

The Ins and Outs of Pinterest
Pinterest allows you to create boards of items you want to find later. This is the same concept of a scrap book or a recipe box. There are virtually boards for any and all topics you can imagine – and if there is not, you can create one! When you begin using Pinterest for your brand you can create boards with your brand name or the products you offer.

Using Hashtags on Pinterest
It is not uncommon for hashtags to be used on Pinterest. When # is placed before a word in descriptions, is creates a clickable link that will pull up related content on the site. This is a great way to ensure your brand is found by consumers. It can easily locate the topics that you are sharing and reach other people that have an interest in your brand.

Some tips to help you use Pinterest effectively for your brand include:
• Let the imagery tell the story
• Have organized pinboards that are based on things relevant to your brand
• Promote other pins
• Engage with other pinners
• Make your website easy to share with a “pin-it” button on product description pages

You should use Pinterest thoughtfully as it can become a portion of your long-term brand strategy. It creates a window into the wants of consumers, allowing to receive insight into what they like about your brand. Pinterest will also allow you to connect with your customers on a personal level, helping you to build stronger relationships and help encourage brand loyalty.

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