Wanted: Distribution Boss – A New Job Position in Content Creation

A recent Forester Research study shows a growing need for companies to focus on content distribution


Companies everywhere are creating great content – from whitepapers to eBooks – and in the past most had no plan for distributing their materials. According to a study conducted by Forester Research, this oversight may soon be changing. In 2014 the majority of new hires to a marketing department will focus on content distribution.

Why is Content Distribution Important?

Content distribution is important because the goal of any company with an online presence is to be found. Without the dissemination of online materials, how would potential customers learn about a company or its products and services? Some would argue that new customers can be captured online with the use of Google Ads or optimizing a site so that it appears on page one of search results. However, relaying solely on Ad Words would be very costly and content distribution is a part of search engine optimization. Therefore, the only way to win online is by sharing great content.

Press Releases for Content Distribution

Press releases, like those offered by Submit Press Release 123, are a cost effective way of increasing online visibility. They can be used to share company updates about new hires, added locations, innovative products or upcoming events. Online press releases are also an ideal tool for driving traffic to content that is sitting on one’s website. Company produced assets, such as infographics, whitepapers and eBooks, should be promoted with a press release.

When talking about the value that dedicating an employee to content distribution will bring, Forester says, “Given the upside that better content distribution can generate, it won’t take long for this person to justify the time spent on the topic or to convince others in the business to help out.”

You can download Forester’s entire report titled “Put Distribution At The Heart Of Content Marketing” by Ryan Skinner by clicking here.

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