Facebook Turns 10: Top Things You Should Know Before Advertising

With over a billion monthly active users, Facebook has come a long way since its founding days. Tagged as the biggest social networking site, Facebook has an annual revenue of over $7 billion. Most of their revenue income comes from advertising. With these figures, we can tell that there’s really something about this social networking giant that had convinced so many brands to invest in their advertising program.

As Facebook is celebrating its 10th birthday today, we would try to list the top important things you should know before you decide if you really need your brand to be advertised using its platform.

Important Things You Should Know Before Advertising in Facebook

As an entrepreneur, you always need to weigh carefully any decision that has direct effect in your investment. As more and more brands are getting into Facebook’s advertising, it is necessary for you to know if what they’ve been into are also what you’ve been looking for. Here, we give you a more detailed look at what’s happening inside this very popular social networking site.

Facebook Has More Mobile Users – With 945 million monthly mobile users, Facebook’s mobile ad consumption had grown by 53% in the last quarter of 2013. If you are a tech start-up that develop applications for mobile operating systems, then for sure you would really want to try Facebook’s advertising. With nearly a billion mobile users as your target audience, you can never be wrong with that.

Before deciding if Facebook advertising is good for your business, try to assess if most of your target audiences are also mobile users. If most of them are, then it’s high time you try getting some exposure using the social network’s platform.

Facebook Has a Lot of Older Users – As of January of 2014, there is an 80.4% growth (http://istrategylabs.com/2014/01/3-million-teens-leave-facebook-in-3-years-the-2014-facebook-demographic-report) of adult users (55 years old and above) since January 2011. That is from over 15 million over two years ago, it has now reached around 28 million. So, if you are targeting adult audiences, it’s also a good strategy to consider Facebook advertising as part of your social media campaign.

Facebook Has More Engaged Users – Along with Instagram, around 60% of its users sign in every day (http://oursocialtimes.com/10-useful-social-networking-statistics-for-2014). This has been accounted for their over 1.2 billion active monthly users. These figures alone are enough proof in how much extent of exposure and opportunity you can do in Facebook to reach your target market.

More Women Use Facebook to See Photos and Videos – According to a very recent study conducted by Pew Research (http://www.pewresearch.org/fact-tank/2014/02/03/6-new-facts-about-facebook), 54% of women used Facebook to see photos and videos. This is slightly higher compared to only 39% of men. These figures could mean that if most of your target audience are women, then you better create attention grabbing ads through the use of images and videos. This also gives you a hint on what type of advertising strategy you need to use if you’ll consider doing an ad in the social networking giant.

More Facebook Users like Contents Posted by their Friends – Still, according the very recent study conducted by Pew Research (http://ww.pewresearch.org/fact-tank/2014/02/03/6-new-facts-about-facebook), 44% of Facebook users “like” content posted by their friends at least once a day, with 29% doing so several times per day. This could mean a lot once you established an ample following in Facebook. If your followers are posting about your brand on their walls, that can increase organic exposure and referrals which you can’t get from any other portals.

For those newbies in online marketing, other things that you need to know before you do any advertising campaigns in Facebook include:

  • Facebook fan page creation
  • Be knowledgeable in monitoring your performance
  • Be sure that the images you will use are professionally designed
  • Make sure you have a clear goal
  • Make sure you know your target audience.

For a more detailed discussions about these 5 pointers, visit this blog post.

All in all, doing advertising in any types of platforms need extensive research and data to back-up claims and statistics. Be sure that you are investing your time and effort in something worthwhile and something that can return your money’s worth.

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