Press Release as a Content Marketing Tool: Top 5 Ways to Promote It

Press release is one of the top tools in business even decades before the internet era. Its indispensable role in building public relations and as a promotion tool for business makes it a constant denominator in every marketing strategy. Nowadays, with the use of the internet and online media channels, press releases are now considered as one of the most effective content marketing tools.

Press Release as a Content Marketing Tool

Gone are the days when press releases can only be submitted to mainstream media outlets (i.e. TV, radio, and newspaper). Press release nowadays is used as a content marketing tool to promote brands and distributed to various online channels to enable the brand to gain more exposure and visibility. Below are a few of the proven and tested ways to promote them online.

1. Paid Distribution Network

The challenge most businesses face nowadays is on getting reliable distribution networks that work well with their brands. Though putting your press release on a free distribution website might sound good, you should think twice before doing it. Free doesn’t always equate to quality plus if something bad will happen, you will be paying for the price of your brand’s reputation. A Paid Distribution Network, on the other hand, already has a strong connections with major news media authorities, a great advantage that assures maximum exposure for your story. Plus, you can easily track the results of their distribution process because they already have the system to monitor them.

2. Targeted Online Media Portals

There are a lot of online news portals that publish press releases, you just need to choose those ones that can directly reach your target demographics. Also, if you can get those ones which niche are closely related to yours then the better. Just be sure you are not submitting your story during busy weeks or any days wherein a catastrophe or a breaking news happened. Timing is still one of the most important factors in submitting press releases.

3. Social Media Channels

If you want to maximize the online exposure of your news story, social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and the like are great alternatives. Twitter ( for example, is one of the go to places for journalists to source for breaking news worldwide or from a specific country. Same with Twitter, Facebook and Google+ have now activated their hashtag features enabling anyone to source trending topics across their networks. So, what this means to your news story? Of course, more exposure and visibility.

4. Targeted Influencers and Bloggers

Some businesses have never tapped the power of individuals with high influence (aka brand ambassadors, social media enthusiasts, bloggers, and the like) to help them promote their news story. These people are highly influential in their respective network. Scouting for influencers who are respected in the niche that is closely related to your business is the very first thing you need do to associate your brand with them. You can invite them to the launching of your products or services or even send them products to review. After building a good relationship with them, you can start sending your press release once in a while and monitor their responses and the results of their postings.

5. Your Blog and other Online Portals

The last but not the least, don’t forget to publish your press release in your business blog. You can create a category wherein you can archive all the company-related stories there. Or, if you don’t have a blog, you can archive them in the news section of your business website. This can be used if journalists or bloggers who want to create a story about your brand can just directly reference your business using those archive press release. Instead of linking to other sources, they will be linking directly to your website. Aside from getting backlinks, publishing on your own domain can assure that your press releases won’t be pushed down by news stories from other brands, making them easier and faster to search and find.

Press releases can only become an effective tool in business if they are properly distributed to the right channels and published on the right platforms. Just like any other tools used in marketing, distributing and publishing them take a combination of creativity, strategy, and dedication.

Qamar Zaman

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