Ten Press Release Topic Ideas for Those Faced with Writer’s Block

Press release writing ideas outlined for those who’ve been hit with a case of writer’s block.

Even the most creative writers are sometimes faced with the dilemma of not knowing what to write about. When it comes to press release writing for business, the challenge of figuring out what will best resonate with a particular target audience is a problem all too often faced by professional writers. SubmitPressRelease123.com has outlined ten ideas writers can use in developing their next great press release (free of charge) to keep within reach when writers block gets in the way.

  • Information about “tip sheets,” ebooks, or other free downloads that have become newly available on your website
  • Discussing an “out of the box” new way to utilize your product or service
  • Sharing “special reports” about your company or employees
  • Discussing industry trends that have or will have an impact on your company or organization
  • Holiday driven news
  • Share and market a podcast or YouTube video you have created
  • Information about a local event you are sponsoring (if you haven’t signed up for one, do so to create human interest news)
  • Co-sign on a “hot topic” in the media
  • Share what obstacles your company or organization has faced
  • Share what obstacles those within your company or organization have faced

It may be helpful to add your own ideas to the list whenever you find yourself having free time, so that you never have to face a shortage of press release topic ideas ever again (or at least until you use all of the items on the list).

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