How Press Releases Can Promote Your Blog outlines why press releases are useful tools in blog promotion.

Press releases are known to be excellent tools for relaying newsworthy information about a company, product, service, or idea to journalists and media outlets. However, there is also great potential in the use of press releases for blog promotion that many have yet to realize. explains how to promote your blog with quality writing and distribution.

Content is valuable only if it reaches an audience. Companies, business owners, organizations, and even individuals who blog regularly naturally want others to flock to their blog site and read whatever content has been posted there, but only a limited number have realized the power press releases hold in driving readers to their site.  Press releases are valuable for blog promotion for a number of reasons. Outlined below are three of the top reasons to use online press release distribution for promoting blogs:

  • Media exposure – Press releases can make one’s blog a mainstream media staple by giving journalists a reason to make references to it. Outlets are more likely to inquire about a blog or a piece of content that has been published on it if it’s noted in a strong press release.
  • Links to build authority – Press releases that contain anchor-text links can help one build authority for their blog, especially if an influencer reuses it in their original content.
  • Exposure to search engines – Search engines rank press releases as they do other content. This gives bloggers who use them in promotion the dual advantage of gaining traffic to their blog site from search engine user inquiries in addition to attracting the attention of major media outlets. offers effective press release distribution services for increasing visibility for your blog. Visit today to choose the distribution plan best suited to fit your blog marketing needs.

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