Press Release Writing: What Not to Do in Doing it Right outlines the dos and don’ts of press release writing.

Writing a press release does not have to be a long, tedious process as many busy business marketers and professionals assume. In fact, after mastering a few simple rules, the process is relatively easy, and may even feel like, dare I say it…fun. After all, who wouldn’t be enthused about getting the word out about new developments at their company, or with their product, service or great idea.

There are a few simple rules to follow; however, in creating an effective press release. Below are the important dos and don’ts for crafting a release with purpose.


  • Make sure press release content is newsworthy.
  • Demonstrate why your content is relevant to a particular target audience.
  • Open with a brief description of what you are announcing and follow with who is presenting the information.
  • Keep your opinions to yourself. Press releases like news articles should stick to the facts.
  • Include sufficient contact information in the event that a journalist or other member of your target audience needs to follow up with you about your content.
  • Proofread before sending out the release for distribution.


  • Make your press release a sales pitch.
  • Lead/open with information irrelevant to the overall point of your release.
  • Write a press release when you really don’t have anything to say.
  • Make unnecessary mistakes (i.e. typos, grammatical errors, including the wrong contact information, misquoting others, misrepresenting facts, etc.)

After your release is written, it is important to select the right channels for disseminating the information. Understanding your target audience will aid in determining whether a particular press release distribution service offers packages well suited for your needs. For more information about affordable press release writing and distribution, visit today.

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