Why People on Twitter Don’t Care About Your Press Release

SubmitPressRelease123.com discusses the reasons many companies are not getting traction for their press releases on social media.

Press release writing for business in a social media age can be tricky. In trying to write releases that are newsworthy and void of marketing speak, many misstep in trying to connect with their target audience on social sites. Of course, press releases should be newsworthy, but with the popularity of disseminating these through social media channels like Twitter, one question begs to be asked. In a world of unfiltered expressions of opinions, selfies, and #MCMs (man crush Mondays), how do I get people to care about the “boring” business of my press release on social networks?

Don’t panic. The problem isn’t your business, it’s your press release. Now you can panic. You may have a very well written press release about your product launch or business accomplishment, but if you are seeking to generate chatter about it through social media then the community must find it “chatterworthy.” Take a look at your release and ask yourself “is this something that my audience will like or need?” Don’t just assume the answer is yes because you find it interesting, get into the minds of your target audience. What are they already talking about on Twitter that makes your news relatable to them?

Remember, when it comes to social media marketing, you are entering the turf of your target demographic. Whether bringing them your story directly, or enticing them to “like” or “tweet” about you, your approach can’t be entirely self-centered. In the game of give and take, it isn’t safe to assume that they will just take anything you decide to give them because it was free information. It’s an even further stretch to assume they will discuss something with friends that they have no interest in, no matter how well written it may be.

So a wise word to those seeking to increase their social media engagement, “Keep Calm and Carry On” (social media wall post pun intended) and maintain your pre-social media traditions if you want to. But in doing so, don’t expect others to care about helping further the dissemination of your news. Write press releases that are newsworthy, but also make it a goal to ensure they are something that readers will relate to.

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