Keys to Writing the Perfect Press Release

Identifying tools to make your press release highly effective.

Whether announcing a product introduction, acquainting others with the latest happenings in your company, or spreading the word about something else of importance, it’s no secret that sending out press releases is the way to go. What some find perplexing; however, is what to put in these announcements that will make for the perfect combination of a newsworthy item and promotional tool that makes an ideal pitch.

Like any professional communication, press releases should be well crafted, and communicate intended messages to target audiences effectively. What makes for the perfect press release may be left up to your discretion depending on whether it elicits the feedback you desire. However, the following key considerations are important for ensuring that any press release is effective in getting the attention of journalists and other members of your target audience.

  • Include a newsworthy headline – The headline is the first point of contact for your release. Whether a journalist will be interested in your message overall is a moot point if you cannot reel them in with a solid headline.
  • Lead with the important facts (who, what, where, when, why, how?) – The lead paragraph is the most important for including the key facts of your message. If a journalist, limited on time, scans only the first paragraph of the release, they will have what is needed to determine whether the information is something that they wish to use further.
  • Resist the urge to sell – No matter how enthusiastic one may be about what they are announcing, press releases should not be made to sound like a sales ad, ever.
  • The shorter the better – Limiting press releases to one page (300-400 words) is ideal not only for readers who don’t want to sift through pages of content, but also for helping ensure that you stick to the main points of your message.
  • Check for grammatical errors – Grammatical errors can be the downfall of your release in terms of showcasing professionalism. Make the vow to never let a press release go without a spell check. can help get your press release in front of the right media connections. Visit them online today for details about distribution packages and writing services.

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