Can Releasing Too Many Press Releases Backfire on My Campaign? outlines why there’s no such thing as too many press releases.

Press releases are an excellent tool for disseminating information about a company, product, service, or idea. The ultimate goal for any release is to catch the attention of journalists and others who may pick it up and further spread the word about the message that lies within. One question many companies have prior to choosing to use online press release distribution as part of their marketing initiative is, “can too many press releases backfire on my campaign?” In short the answer is no. However, there is a gray area that should also be explained.

When choosing to send out multiple press releases on a frequent basis, what matters most is the timing of the release and the content. What may backfire when it comes to disseminating press releases in great numbers is releasing content that is much ado about nothing and giving no thought to when and where these are sent out. When these two key points are not given the proper consideration, then yes, one may find their press releases to be ineffective. But when quality of content and timing are valued, then one should expect their releases to go far.

When it comes to ensuring that the content of a press release meets a high standard of quality, it is helpful to ask oneself if the information would appeal to them if they were in the shoes of a member of their target audience. Keeping content newsworthy gives it more value than something that sounds like a sales ad.

With regards to timing, press releases can catch the attention of target audience members at any time, but there are certain days and times of the day that studies show are peak times for sending releases to particular targets. In choosing the best time, it is important to first research characteristics of a chosen demographic. A general rule of thumb; however, is to not send press releases out on weekends and try to refrain from releasing them on Mondays and Fridays if possible. Midweek and early in the day is typically recommended by PR firms and newswires. is a press release distribution service that offers great news distribution plans starting at just $10. These can help you get your information to the right target audience at the right time.

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