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What was previously reserved for only exclusively selected “influencers,” is now being made available to all users of LinkedIn. This publishing platform allows users to create and publish blog-style updates to their respective networks. These posts have been known to generate a ton of engagement, as well as conversations, which has encouraged LinkedIn to capitalize on publishing by expanding the offerings of the platform to all users.

This move is a type of hook that LinkedIn is using to make the network more of a weekly, or even daily, destination for their end users, instead of just a website that you visit when searching for work or to post your resume.

The influencer network was first launched by LinkedIn in 2013 with 150 original “thought leaders,” but has grown to over 500 since that time. So, how do you know if you have access to this publishing feature? You should have received an email letting you know, or when you log on to LinkedIn you’ll have a pencil image in your update box – this is the indication that you have this feature on your account.

When clicking on the pencil icon, you will open a posting feature that will allow you to post your blog-style posts on LinkedIn publicly. There is no word count limit and you are able to add links, videos or photos.

There are a number of benefits offered by the LinkedIn Publishing Platform going public.

Four Reasons You Should Embrace this Change 

1) More Exposure

When you begin to use the new publishing feature, the posts that you are creating will have the ability to reach your entire network, rather than just your connections. The exposure will go far past just your actual connections and the reach that you experience may be similar to LinkedIn groups. In fact, your reach may be in the tens and possible hundreds of thousands.

2) Receive New Perspectives

Since the feature of publishing has bone public, the knowledge and experience of lesser known influencers will be able to reach a larger audience. This is ideal for any reader that is seeking new information and ideas; however, it is also perfect if you are a leader in your industry, as you are able to reach a number of new audiences.

3) The Posts Remain on Your Profile

A very common complaint from LinkedIn users is that the status posts only remain on profiles for a very limited amount of time. However, with published posts, you can have your item remain forever which means that anyone can access a post at any time.

4) Expand the Conversation

The published post feature will allow you to generate more comments and achieve a larger reach, which means that you can expand your conversation significantly. This allows authors to engage more people and organically grow audiences.

LinkedIn Publisher is a service that is being rolled out slowly, but can be extremely beneficial to smaller influencers for getting their word “out there.” While press releases will always hold great benefit to companies and are necessary for communicating to a broader audience outside of one’s current network, the next time you have something to say consider Submit Press Release 123 as we publish news using LinkedIn as well.

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