Content marketing campaign. Do You Need to Hire Journalists to Write for Your Brand?

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Recruiting journalists to be a part of your content marketing campaign is indeed a great way to oomph your branded content  says Qamar Zaman of Submit Press Release 123.

Branded content is very much the norm these days especially in an industry wherein content is considered as one of the driving forces to promote products and services. According to (, 93% of B2B establishments promote their products/services to customers and prospects using various types of content-based tactics. They also noted that 73% of these establishments are producing more content than they did a year ago.

There are many driving factors behind the success of content marketing. One of these factors is the rise of the number of journalists who are now working with brands. Journalists are now helping brands to create high quality and highly credible content to indirectly increase sales and profits.

According to an article written by Natalie Burg (, most journalists who chose to work with brands get the opportunity to continue a serious writing career while enjoying the benefits of a corporate job. She also emphasized the benefits they bring to a brand or business. According to Burg, seasoned journalists bring integrity, skill, and passion to your branded content.

Should You Hire a Journalist to Write Your Content?

In most cases, especially for start-ups and SMEs (small and medium enterprises), hiring a journalist to write a branded content is something that can be quite challenging financially. Unlike big brands who have the financial capacity to hire top-notched journalists, start-ups just don’t have the capacity to pool them. But, basically, it still depends on how resourceful you are.

On the other hand, hiring journalists to write your branded content can provide a lot of advantages. They are the type of writers who are adept in the art of sharing factual and highly relevant information in the form of captivating stories. Compared to ordinary writers they have the skill to deliver boring set of information into one riveting piece of story that can appeal to a wide spectrum of readership.

Journalists are already highly credible and they already have an established reputation. This means a lot to your branded content especially these days wherein semantic search is changing the landscape in doing online marketing. Also, you don’t need to train them how to write a press release because they are already equipped with all types of formal writing skills when they are in the academe.

Consider its long term benefits against short term ones. I advice you do your research first, ask fellow entrepreneurs, and do some research again. By all means, be prepared all the time and you should always pattern your decision to your ultimate business goal. Good luck!

Qamar Zaman

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