I’ve Submitted Press Release – Now What?

You finally managed to send out your press release after working tirelessly on it – now is the time to relax, right?

Not quite! There are actually a number of different things that you should do to ensure that the press release you have created does not quickly disappear.

Use Your Social Media Audience

Once you have submitted your press release, it is time to share. Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter and any other community you own should have the link to the press release you created posted to it. This will provide the people that care about what is going on in your business easy access to the latest news and developments. Sharing a press release on social sites also helps the news to be shared beyond your current sphere of influence.

Pin Your Images

Any images that you use in the press release should be pinned and shared with your Pinterest audience. This is a great way to get people to click on and read your news with just a picture. Additionally, by pinning an image you receive referral traffic from Pinterest each time a photo viewer follows the image to your release.

Connect Your Website

Be sure to put a link to your press release on your website. Make sure it is in an obvious place, such as a newsroom, and that you provide a little overview on what the article covers.

Send Your Press Release Out to Customers & Clients

Sending your press release out on a wire service is a great way to get the word out to the masses but don’t forget about people in your own backyard. Through a personal email, or newsletter software, share your press release with company clients. Even future prospects that may connect with the messaging should receive the news.

Through trail and error develop a press release distribution strategy that works for you. After a few press releases are sent out, you can easily determine which of the strategies listed here work best to help you gain exposure and then focus your efforts even more. The above steps will help to increase the number of reads that you receive on each release and also help to increase your overall website traffic.

Now try these next steps for yourself. Claim a FREE press release with Submit123PR and follow through with social media, Instagram, website connectivity, and email outreach for your news.

Qamar Zaman

About Qamar Zaman

Qamar Zaman is the Founder & CEO of Submit My Press Release, an exciting young press release distribution technology start up. Qamar Zaman is building innovative press release and social media products that help small business achieve Google Rankings through their news.