Top Benefits Google+ Hangout Can Provide Your Business at No Cost

Google+, with its 300 million active monthly users (, is still not at par with pioneering social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook when it comes to popularity. But, if you look at it closely, you would actually find hidden gems ordinary people don’t normally see. Google+ is jam-packed with apps that were created with small businesses in mind.

Hangout – Google+ Ace against Other Social Networking Sites

The features that Google+ has, that no other social networking sites don’t, are the Hangout and Hangout on Air. The Hangout has been recently used by marketers and small businesses to connect with prospects and current customers/clients to increase sales, engagement, and for various purposes that are highly beneficial in doing business.

Top Benefits of Google+ Hangout at No Cost

Hangout is absolutely free and you need no monetary investment to start a live video streaming or an international video conference with your business partners. It offers so much benefits for small businesses that only a few (so far) have recognized.

Better SEO

Hangout on Air videos are automatically integrated with YouTube and is searchable in Google Search. Videos are contents that are not often optimized in search but they actually are being indexed by search engines especially if a lot of users are liking and sharing them in Google+ or in other social networking sites.

Increase in Engagement

Using Google+ Hangout for webinars and leadership training is an effective way in increasing engagement not only from your prospects but also from influencers in your industry or niche. You can further enhance engagement by making your hangout public via hangout on air and embedding your live stream video on your blogs and websites.

Help Establish Thought Leadership

Conducting live interviews with the authorities in your niche and featuring their opinions on a highly controversial topics can directly and indirectly help establish your reputation as a leader as well. Featuring highly credible people as part in engaging your prospects can help establish your reputation as an influencer and leader.

Help Produce Creative and Fresher Content

Producing high quality videos with the use of Hangout and Hangout on Air provides your target audience with variety of contents. Text and graphics are great but sometimes introducing a new format of reaching out to them can be very refreshing when seen in their perspectives. Hangout videos can be repurposed and used in different ways giving your business more ways to do content marketing.

Provide More Open Platform for Communication

Inviting your prospects to a webinar or to a simple topic discussion in Google+ Hangout provides them a more open platform to communicate with your brand. Unlike other platforms, seeing each other face to face and knowing the faces behind the brand, is an unforgettable experience compared to just reading some textual article or infographic. Also, Hangout on Air lets you reach the rest of your target audiences who are in different time zones.

Hangout is definitely Google+’s hidden weapon, and you better start utilizing it and get a good head start before your competitors. Being one step ahead is always better than being left out.

Qamar Zaman

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