Super Bowl XLVIII Makes Social Media History

Marketing leaders put on their thinking caps for Super Bowl XLVIII and the result was amazing social media engagement!


This year as the Denver Broncos lined up to face off against the Seattle Seahawks no one would have expected more action to take place on social media channels than on the football field. As a combination of American’s ever increasing social media addiction and marketer’s keep focus on taking advantage of the socialsphere with commercials, the 48th Super Bowl made history online.

On Twitter alone there were 24.9 million Super Bowl related tweets reported. Even with the mid-game blackout, this overshadowed last year’s game tweets recorded at 24.1 million. To put the number of people tweeting about the Super Bowl in comparison to other world events look at last week’s State of the Union Address. Even with his large social following, President Obama only managed to stir-up 1.7 million tweets.

Super Bowl Blowout Big On Social Media

“On social media, the biggest moment in the game came when former Minnesota Viking Percy Harvin fielded a kickoff and took it to the house in the second half. The play sent Facebook into a tizzy inspiring 185 million interactions between 50 million people. On Twitter, there were more than 381,000 tweets per minute.”

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Aside from the fan-generated buzz over the Broncos and Seahawks, marketers used their commercial time wisely and strategically attempted to draw game viewer to their social sites. Hashtags were mentioned in 57% of Super Bowl XLVIII ads. Some of the top social media commercials seen on game night included:

  • Radio Shack’s #InWithTheNew that took viewers back to the ‘80’s
  • Bud Light: #UpForWhatever
  • Honda’s #HugFest with Bruce Willis

Volkswagen launches social war room

“Volkswagen, for instance, had set up a war room filled with social media monitors, actors, writers and a production crew so they could catch any big trending topics on Twitter and take advantage of them by coming out with their own related tweets and videos.”

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With the amazing half-time show, entertaining commercials and intense social media chatter who needed an edge-of-your-seat football game? This year Super Bowl XLVIII fans scored an action packed evening even without a stellar performance by the Broncos thanks to the dedication of marketing teams and their love of social media.

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