How to Do Keyword Research When Writing a Press Release

Keyword Research When Writing a Press Release is paramount..Though do follow links are now strictly prohibited in press releases, it doesn’t mean that you stop optimizing them with the right keywords. Laying low and not doing anything to optimize your news release can put you behind the game especially when it comes to the very stiff competition in wanting to rank in the SERPs (search engine result pages). Using the right keywords that would allow your target audience to find what they are looking for is something no Google or any search engines can prohibit from doing.

Keyword Research for your PR: The Right Way

Depending on the news that you need to release, your keywords should blend in naturally with your copy. Put yourselves in the shoes of the journalists, editors, bloggers, and the like who will read and review your story. Awkward keyword should not occupy any space in your press release.

1. Create a list of all possible keywords that are highly relevant to your news. For example, if you are a company that creates marketing and promotion videos, and you are releasing a story about your service, possible keywords that you can use are the following.

  • whiteboard animation service
  • video animations
  • whiteboard animation
  • explainer video production
  • video animations
  • whiteboard animation

These keywords should give your readers a gist on what your story is all about.

2. From that list, choose at least 5 and use a keyword tool analyser to compare how popular they are. You can use Google AdWords Keyword tool to analyse the potential of each keyword. From there, you can decide which of them are on your top list.

3. Find related keywords from your top keywords. After selecting 1 or 2 main keywords, you can use each keyword to find related keywords that could give you a chance of getting less competition. For example, one of the top keywords that you have chosen is whiteboard animation, related keywords can be seen like one below once you’ve hit search in Google.

Find related keywords from your top keywords

4. From your related keywords, use a keyword tool analyzer to determine which one has lesser competition. Using a keyword with less competition can give you better chances of ranking in the SERPs.

5. Use the keyword with low competition but higher search volumes. Keywords with less competition but have no or lower search volumes are useless since they have less potential in attracting high traffic.

Put at least 2 of your main keywords in your copy but don’t use them as anchor text. If you are using them as one, make sure your links are No Follow.

Keywords optimization for your press release is not that complicated but it is also not something that you should take for granted.

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