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Top Things You Need to Know about Facebook News Feed Algorithm

ust over a week ago, Facebook had announced that there is a recent tweak in their news feed algorithm (http://newsroom.fb.com/News/787/News-Feed-FYI-What-Happens-When-You-See-More-Updates-from-Friends) that can affect how your page’s posts can reach your followers and potential audiences. They noticed that text updates from pages have continued to wane over time. This is in contrast to what they noticed on status updates from friends. Because of this observation, they decided to lessen the relevance of text status updates and give more priority to other story types in the news feed.

Link-share gets More Priority in Facebook News Feed

1The change in Facebook’s news feed algorithm has given more importance to story types such as the link-share. In Facebook’s recent announcement, they used Forbes’ posts as examples.

They discourage the use of text status (like the one above) in sharing links. Instead, they recommend to all page owners to use link-share, like the one below.


They discovered that story types, like the one above, get more engagement compared to text statuses.

Important Things You Need to Know about Facebook News Feed

Facebook’s recent news feed algorithm changes can make a great impact on how and what content you need to share on your business page. It is of utmost importance that you are updated on how it works and have a grasp on how it can affect the story you shared to your followers. This would help you save time by letting you focus in creating content that would surely get more engagement and more exposure.

The following are the factors that affect the exposure and visibility of your story in your followers’ news feeds.

The regularity of interaction (like, share, comment, clicks) of a follower to your story/post. Facebook use these signals to determine if the updates you shared are of high relevance to your followers.

The total number of likes, comments, and shares are main factors on determining the usefulness and relevance of your story. Facebook still depends on numbers as an indicator on how to rank stories in the news feed.

The level of interaction and engagement in a specific type of story/post. Facebook also monitors the history of engagement each type of story in the news feed receive from your followers.

The number of times followers or other people hide or report your story. Facebook takes notice on how many times your followers tend to hide your stories in their news feed. This is an indicator that they don’t want to see any more updates from your page.
A more detailed and elaborate version of these factors can be found here (https://www.facebook.com/business/news/News-Feed-FYI-A-Window-Into-News-Feed).

Another changes in the news feed that we noticed is on how Facebook highlights links that are shared. Instead of displaying them as individual stories in the news feed, they only display one link and then feature all the people who shared them below it.

How about you? Have you noticed changes on your Facebook news feed lately? Share them in the comment section below.

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