#SubmitPR123 on Common Press Release Writing Errors

Learn what the most commonly made mistakes in press release writing are and how to avoid falling prey to errors

Growing up most students are educated on the basics of grammar but never learn how to write a press release. Unless one seeks higher education in communications or public relations and marketing it would be very unlikely that they would ever be taught the proper way to craft a news release. SubmitPR123 caters to small businesses, many of whom have tackled news writing and distribution without a firm understanding of a press releases core elements.

Some of the most commonly seen mistakes made in the actual format and writing style of a press release by Submit123PR include:

• Headlines that are lackluster or make knowing what the press release will talk about unclear to readers
• Poor story introductions in the opening paragraph
• The exclusion of multimedia like videos and images
• Failing to include links back to a company website or social media sites
• Articles that do not include company contact information
• No call to action in the last paragraph

If you’ve ever had to read a press release twice to understand what it was about, perform a Google search on the company to find a way to reach the author, or have finished reading a press release but didn’t know what steps to take next then you have been a victim of common press release writing errors.

The simplest way to avoid these everyday mistakes is to create a press release checklist similar to the following:

• Does my headline grab the reader and make them want to learn more?
• Have I given a fair introduction to what I will talk about in my press release during the first paragraph?
• Have I included a product photo, executive headshot, company logo, or supporting video for the readers?
• Does my press release direct readers back to my web properties using anchor text or hyperlinks?
• Have I listed a company representative’s contact information?
• Did I give readers a clear direction on what I want them to do with the information provided in the release?

If after a press release is written the answer to all the above questions is “YES!”, then you’ve successfully written a news article with potential for reaching the masses.

This week try writing a press release using the checklist provided. Distribute your news on a wire service, like SubmitPR123, that reaches top online news sites and is indexed in Google News, Yahoo and Bing. Then, next week return to Submit’s blog for more writing tips as we review the top grammatical blunders made in press releases.

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Qamar Zaman is the Founder & CEO of Submit My Press Release, an exciting young press release distribution technology start up. Qamar Zaman is building innovative press release and social media products that help small business achieve Google Rankings through their news.