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Small businesses should use blogs and online press release distribution methods to promote Instagram and Pinterest profiles to create social signals.

So much has been written about social media marketing and oftentimes, they delve in with Facebook and Twitter. Though these two giants have already established their importance in business, it is wiser to consider that you need better and alternative channels to cater to the specific needs of your prospects, clients, or customers. This is where picture sharing social media sites Pinterest and Instagram came in.
Reach Out to More Younger Audiences in Instagram

According to Sabel Harris, the Lead Marketing Maven at, Instagram, the 3-year-old photo sharing website, has already made a breakthrough in the social media world, garnering over 150 million users. These users share 16 billion photos, and an estimated 1 billion likes happen daily. It is also important to note that, according to Marketing Charts, Instagram is currently the 2nd most important social network to American teens.


These stats show how popular Instagram is and how good their platform at engaging users. reports that they found data on how businesses in the Fortune 500 use the photo sharing site in optimizing its functionality to increase engagement that their audiences can relate to.

Reach Out and Engage More to Women in Pinterest

One of the most important facts about Pinterest is the study that shows that 47% of U.S. online consumers have made a purchase based from its recommendations. This statistics alone can surely sway any businesses who are trying not to get involved in social media, most especially if its products or services are targeted to women audiences.

Another very notable report from Venture Beat shows that Pinterest generates more traffic referrals than any other social media website. It reveals that its conversation rates are 50% higher compared to other traffic sources.

More Reasons You Need Instagram and Pinterest for Your Business

An article published in Financial Post features actual testimonials from small business owners on how Pinterest and Instagram became effective tools in marketing their products and services. Author Joyce Rosenberg, divulged that those small businesses who use the two mentioned photo sharing sites testified that they are good tools in helping them connect with their customers.

The top and common great benefit most businesses agreed on is how Instagram and Pinterest help them in creating a buzz in their newly launched products/services. Next, these photo sharing platforms help them in touching bases with various types of customers. This is because, while some businesses are niche-specific, others thrive on targeting different demographics.

Instagram and Pinterest are still in their infancy years. We expect more from them in the years to come and it is important now to jump on their bandwagons so that you can have a head start from your competitors. Always grab every chance to get an edge because you might lost your grasp on it. Regret always comes at the end.

Small businesses should use blogs and online press release distribution methods to promote Instagram and Pinterest profiles to create social signals.

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