Who Writes Press Releases Anymore?

SubmitPressRelease123.com answers the tough question for those skeptical about PR writing in the social media age.

In an age where social media seems to reign as marketing king, a number of business professionals share the same sentiment about press release writing and distribution. One big question that comes to mind for many is “who writes press releases anymore?” Or more importantly, “do press releases still work?” The short answers are everyone with something to share or sell should, and absolutely!

The power of press release distribution did not fade away with the advent of social media: it became stronger. Traditionally, press releases were submitted directly to editors at newspapers, radio stations, magazines, and other media outlets in the hopes that someone would find the information contained therein newsworthy. With today’s technology driven channels for facilitating press release distribution, waiting for long periods in the hopes that an editor will find one’s release in the slush pile, and see it as a diamond in the ruff is no longer necessary. Social media platforms can now power the dissemination of press releases, and more effectively get them into the hands of key target audiences.

So how so, one might ask? When press releases are produced and submitted through distribution platforms like SubmitPressRelease123.com, they are not only submitted to editors who may further distribute the information, but are placed in view of consumers actively conducting related searches online. Submit’s distribution packages include features that allow releases to be promoted through social media and optimized for better search ability in top search engines like Google. Therefore press releases submitted using the service are fully equipped to work as strong online marketing tools.

So to answer the question again of who writes press releases anymore, simply put, smart marketers and companies who don’t want to miss their mark when it comes to online promotion.

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Qamar Zaman

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Qamar Zaman is the Founder & CEO of Submit My Press Release, an exciting young press release distribution technology start up. Qamar Zaman is building innovative press release and social media products that help small business achieve Google Rankings through their news.