Find out why Press Releases are the Best Communication Channels With Consumers For Online Success
The Internet is a magical boon our forefathers did not enjoy using. Internet marketing is a phenomenon of its own, which can be compared to no other conventional business channels in real-life. Some 42.73% of our world population is accessing the Internet, according to June 2016 statistical figures. Of them, North America leads with 87.7% […]
Dallas based SEO Consultant, Qamar Zaman, enumerates the top 20 alternative sources of traffic small and medium sized businesses can use to increase leads and sales. Aside from SEO, Email Marketing, Paid Search, and other marketing tools that can help businesses drive traffic to their websites, Qamar Zaman, CEO of Submit Press Release 123 , […]
Press Release Distribution & Dallas Content Marketing Company Scholarships will help students who are interested in content marketing as a career further their higher education goals Richardson, TX, October 31, 2016 – Submit Press Release 123 recently announced that the company will be sponsoring 2 candidates for 2017 digital marketing scholarships for high school and […]
Search Metrics released a new Whitepaper that reveals the top 8 ranking signals that will change the way you do SEO in 2014. In the last few days of the 3rd quarter of 2014, a trend-changing report from Search Metrics ( revealed newly discovered information about Google’s search ranking factors that would challenge the norms […]
Clearly communicating the message of a press release is important for ensuring that it gets the attention it deserves, says the team. Where’s the beef? became a popular catchphrase in the U.S. after fast food chain Wendy’s originated it as an advertising slogan in the 1980s. Although it was meant to drive home the […] outlines how social media can help generate buzz for one’s press release. Some have stated that press releases seldom see success with social media audiences. These people are what some clever online marketers would call “wrong.” Social media and press releases are a near perfect match in the realm of online promotion, as long […]
A recent Forester Research study shows a growing need for companies to focus on content distribution   Companies everywhere are creating great content – from whitepapers to eBooks – and in the past most had no plan for distributing their materials. According to a study conducted by Forester Research, this oversight may soon be changing. […] outlines why press releases are useful tools in blog promotion. Press releases are known to be excellent tools for relaying newsworthy information about a company, product, service, or idea to journalists and media outlets. However, there is also great potential in the use of press releases for blog promotion that many have yet to […] outlines the dos and don’ts of press release writing. Writing a press release does not have to be a long, tedious process as many busy business marketers and professionals assume. In fact, after mastering a few simple rules, the process is relatively easy, and may even feel like, dare I say it…fun. After all, […]
Identifying tools to make your press release highly effective. Whether announcing a product introduction, acquainting others with the latest happenings in your company, or spreading the word about something else of importance, it’s no secret that sending out press releases is the way to go. What some find perplexing; however, is what to put in […]
Press release writing ideas outlined for those who’ve been hit with a case of writer’s block. Even the most creative writers are sometimes faced with the dilemma of not knowing what to write about. When it comes to press release writing for business, the challenge of figuring out what will best resonate with a particular […]